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Generate more direct bookings for your tourism experience with engaging tourism videos. From the beautiful beaches in Burleigh Heads, to the white ski slopes of Queenstown, we have more than 3000 videographers around the world who are ready to shoot for you.

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Tourism, resort and hotel videos are an amazing marketing tool for generating direct bookings on your website. Whether you’re promoting somewhere to stay, something to do or highlighting locations, video is the best tool for visually showing an audience what that experience would be like. 

The reason to choose to partner with Vidsta when creating tourism, adventure and hotel videos is because we’re home to some of the most creative tourism videographers who we have fully vetted for you. Our videographers already live near your location anywhere in the world.

This means we can create your videos faster, and a lot more affordably than the traditional method of flying and accommodating video crew you’re familiar with.

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Five Tips for creating amazing Tourism, Resort, Hotel & Destination videos

So you have decided you’re ready to film your customers speaking on camera raving about how you helped them? That is great news as these types of videos are powerful middle-of-funnel content tools that can help you convert your viewers into customers fast. How should you get started?

1. Go for high-quality, first impressions count

Your video is often the very first impression you’ll make on potential guests. It’s absolutely critical that your video is as polished and engaging to your target audience as possible. Your video needs to showcase your location and property when it’s all at it’s absolute best!

2. Start with a strategically engaging intro, you have 3 seconds!

You need to grab your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds. With the fast-paced environment of today’s online landscape, our attention spans are only getting shorter and shorter – your first few seconds will be the difference between scrolling past, or being an engaged viewer. Put your best foot forward, with your best selling points at the start of the video – think location, location, location. Are you a beach front tropical resort or at the base of ski mountain? These would be your opening shots!

3. Put your best foot forward

You know your hotel or resort is special, tell your potential customers why! Whether it’s your service, cuisine, luxurious facilities or location – lead with what you know are your best and most different features and make them the focus of your hotel’s video. Does your chef get fresh ingredients from the markets everyday? Include that. Are your views better then your competitors? Show them. Really dive into the reasons guests keep coming back to your hotel and how you can potentially showcase that in your video.

4. Make it easy to book directly, and give people a reason

The number one reason people bounce away from websites is that they are either too slow, or too clunky. Make sure your website is fast and easy to use, and make bookings super simple!

A valuable proposition will not only increase the number of shares, comments and views on social media, but will also increase the number of potential customers booking directly on your website. Think about your target customer or audience, what kind of offer would make that person tick? 

5. Make more than one customer testimonial video

Uploading your video on your website is good, but it’s just the start. You should ensure that your hotel video is easily shareable, and easy for your target audience to find. This means uploading your video across to social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or even LinkedIn is a necessary step.

With any type of content, the best way to win in today’s fast moving world is by creating and posting consistently high-quality content.