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How Vidsta works for freelancers

We are building a global network of talented freelance videographers. We provide you with amazing opportunities to work with bigger brands on projects you will love.

Why Videographers Love Shooting with Vidsta

We create over 400 videos every month, all over Australia & New Zealand. That's a lot of creative planning, shooting and editing opportunities each day. As we continue to grow, so do our opportunities, which provides you with a platform you can rely on for regular work.

I've had the chance to work on quite a few Vidsta shoots and always have a lot of fun. Their producers and editors are very friendly and let me do what I do best. It's good not having to edit!

Sam Videographer, Sydney

Vidsta always sends me great projects with creative briefs that also really give me the flexibility to do what I think works best. Recommend Vidsta to any videographers who are keen to shoot more often.

Jack Videographer, Brisbane

We plan and organise for you

Our producers do all of the heavy lifting planning and creating briefs for clients, to make your life easier on location.

We edit in house

Focus on shooting without the burden of edits piling up on your desk. Our team of editors at Vidsta HQ are fast, creative and maintain a high quality output.

We sell for you

Our sales team are extraverts that love selling. We find the clients and opportunities and bring them to you.

Upload into the cloud

Our cloud-based upload system is fast and painless and is a great way of transferring footage files. As you upload, our suites are downloading in real time.

Work with bigger brands

Our business is unique, and brands love that. We work with some of the most engaging brands around the world.

Keep tabs on everything

Get full peace of mind knowing exactly what's coming up and when, giving you the perfect work life balance.