Terms of Use

General Terms and Conditions of Vidsta

When working with Video Domain, here are the Terms and Conditions. It is highly recommended that you read through our T’s & C’s before you start working with us.

Agreeing to our T’s & C’s, whether through our platform, via email for a quote acceptance, or a digital/physical signature activated from a proposal or payment deposit, these are all deemed forms of acceptance of these terms and conditions under Australian Law, and will be taken as intent to proceed with a project.

Customers are required to agree to the following terms and conditions before proceeding with a video project.

If you have any amendments to any of the T’s and C’s they must be supplied in writing prior to project commencement to be considered.


In these video production T’s and C’s, unless the context otherwise requires:

Consumer means any individual who acquires Video Domain’s services wholly or predominately for personal, domestic or commercial use.

Customer means any person or entity requesting Video Domain to provide Services.

Agreed fee means the fees estimated by Video Domain in any quotation or proposal accepted by the customer.

Materials means any goods, chattels, items or things, including but not limited to photographs, documents (Digital or Hard Copy), tapes, videos, films, footage, props, or equipment provided by the customer to Video Domain for the purposes of Video Domain supplying the services.

Raw Footage means master footage recorded by Video Domain as part of provision of the Services.

Project means the video production in its entirety.

These video production terms & condition apply to and are incorporated into all contracts, agreements, arrangements, transactions and dealings entered into by Video Domain with any Customer in relation to the provision of Services by Video Domain.

All work carried out by Video Domain is on the basis that the Customer has agreed to these Terms and Conditions.