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Showcase your company culture, values and team and watch your brand transform into a magnet for the right type of applicants by the power of engaging recruitment videos.

recruitment videos with vidsta

If you feel like finding the right applicants for your open positions is tiresome and difficult, perhaps it’s time you look into creating your own recruitment video for your company. Typically used across social media and job hunting platforms like Seek & Indeed, recruitment videos are a tool you can use to showcase your culture, the vibe and values of your team, and what a day in the life of your workplace look likes.

The benefit of using Vidsta to create your recruitment videos is that we have vetted crew all over the world. No matter where you have an office, we can send out a professional videographer to interview your team and capture footage of them in action. 

Vidsta can really showcase the size of your company by capturing all of your locations and diversity in your team.

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Case Study

This video generated over 300 high quality applications for a mining company in Rockhampton.

How to attract the right candidates with recruitment videos

Five Tips for creating amazing Recruitment videos that people will want to watch

In the job market today, 90% is candidate driven. Let that statistic sink in. This means two things for employers: One – the way companies recruit has changed and two – it’s now more competitive than ever before. If you really want to attract the best talent to your company, and hire them before your competition does, you need to create content that speaks to the candidates in the best way. Today, that means creating recruitment videos.

1. If you have a team, let your staff do the talking

Similarly to a customer testimonial video, you want your people to do the talking. It builds trust a lot faster and has proven to be much more engaging. If you have a large team, pick your most loyal staff members who have been with you through thick and thin. They are your brand ambassadors and know your company inside and out, and will probably surprise you when they start talking about your company. When choosing staff, feature your happiest and most motivated employees. Recruitment videos are all about people.

2. List your FAQs from past candidates, and ask your team these questions

Once you have picked the staff you’re going to interview, start to create a list of all of the most frequently asked questions in past interviews. Use this as the basis for what to ask your team. This will create a gateway for your current employees to answer future employees questions. This comes across in an authentic and unique way when answered from one of your current staff. Identifying and answering your FAQs will dramatically reduce time-wastage in the hiring process.

3. Don't be afraid to show the ups and downs

One of the fastest ways to build trust in sales is by being honest. When a potential customer hears a sales person talk about the good and bad, it helps to trust the sales person faster. The same goes for your company and potential recruits. Obviously don’t focus on the negatives, but sometimes touching on them to acknowledge they’re there goes a really long way. For example – lines like: 

“It’s a super fast-paced environment, and when we work we really work hard! But it’s balanced out by a good amount of fun!”

4. Include Subtitles

With more than 85% of all video views online being watched without sound, it is absolutely crucial to use subtitles on all of your content. Adding subtitles lets the viewer watch the video from wherever they may be.

5. Promote your video everywhere

We know it’s a recruitment video that you’ve probably had in mind for your Seek job listings, however, don’t be afraid to blast it everywhere. Post it to your social media channels, add it to your LinkedIn, do a direct mail out to your network, create a careers page on your website. The more places you can promote the video onto, the more job applicants you’ll receive.