Product Videography and
Explainer Video Production

Product explainer videos are a quick, easy and effective way to explain or demonstrate your service or product.

What is Product Videography?

A good product video can do more for your product in a minute or two than an entire website can. Focus on your target audience, understand deeply their pain points and frustrations and then highlight the solutions and benefits of your product or service.

The phrase “product video” may seem pretty self-explanatory, but a product video is much more than a basic video explaining what your service is for or what your product can do. One of the most important aspects is making sure you’re grabbing, and maintaining your viewer’s attention and establishing an emotional engagement in the first few seconds.

There are different ways of doing this, a common and effective method is the problem/solution format. Remind your viewer about that frustration/pain point, and then let them know all the ways your product/service will, and the key word is will, help them. Keep it short, engaging, entertaining and establish your key details. Leave them with a strong call-to-action and you’re ready to rock and roll.

What Questions Should a Product Demo Video Answer?

With a product explainer video, or product demo, you want to give people answers but it’s crucial you don’t dump a ton of information on them in one video. Often, companies and businesses will want to make one monster video that tackles everything from A to Z. And we get that. You’re excited to show the world all of the amazing things your product and services can do.

But, as we talk about so often with clients all over the country, people’s attention spans are shorter than ever. Here is a quick list of what we find at Vidsta makes for a perfect product or service sales video:

  • An engaging hook in the opening 10 seconds
  • Keeping your “why you should use my product” to a one-sentence answer
  • Give 2-3 more supporting benefits
  • Give the viewer “what to do next” steps
  • Let them know how easy it is to do, and how to do it
  • That a wrap! Keep it short, sweet and simple. Get them interested and keen enough to take click on your call-to-action

Concept Creation, Planning, Shooting & Editing

Explainer Video Projects Include

A Dedicated Creative Producer

You will be onboarded by your dedicated creative producer who will also assist you from start to finish. They will ensure you maximise your creative potential and outcomes from every project. Leave the creativity to Vidsta!

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A Pre-Production Planning Call

After you have booked your shoot in the app, you will be contacted by your dedicated producer who will help you put a production plan in place. This may include writing scripts, further developing your concept and creating a more detailed project brief for the videographers.

Our Team of Editors

We look after all editing in house in order to maintain a high-quality output. Every project receives one free round of revisions so that you can be sure to get exactly what you want out of every production. Our editors are fast, efficient and extremely creative.