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Posting videos on social media is now the most effective way to grow your brand today.

We’ve created Social Media videos for brands all over Australia

Rocket Your Social Media With Video Content

If you want to reach current and potential customers, social media is the fastest and simplest way to do so. Using social media video content is statistically the number one way to communicate with people online and grab your audience’s attention.

Over 85% of all online traffic is video, which means if your brand isn’t making videos, you’re going to get left behind. Social videos, including customer testimonial videos, have the power to tug on the heartstrings, create emotional buy-in, attract viewers, and drive actions. From Facebook to Instagram, to LinkedIn and TikTok, videos and social media are a dynamic duo like Batman and Robin.

Thinking of creating a video? Get more for your money with a VidstaPack.

In today’s fast-moving, content-binging social world on mobile devices, one video isn’t enough. Our VidstaPack’s allow you to create a bank of multipurpose social media videos. You can choose to subscribe annually or monthly or purchase a plan as a once-off video strategy. Save time & save money.

Build a Content Marketing Strategy with professional, high-quality content with the expertise of a promotional video production company.

Concept Creation, Planning, Shooting & Editing

Customer Testimonial Video Projects Include

A Dedicated Creative Producer

You will be onboarded by your dedicated creative producer, who will also assist you from start to finish. They will ensure you maximise your creative potential and outcomes from every social media video project. Leave the creativity to Vidsta, your expert promotional and social video production company!

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A Pre-Production Planning Call

After you have booked your shoot in the app, you will be contacted by your dedicated producer, who will help you put a production plan in place with a social video strategy. This may include writing scripts, further developing your concept and creating a more detailed social media video project brief for the videographers.

Our Team of Editors

We look after all editing in-house in order to maintain a high-quality output for all social media platforms. Every project, including social and promotional video production, receives one free round of revisions so that you can be sure to get exactly what you want out of every production. Our editors are fast, efficient and extremely creative.

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Below are examples of different social media videos we've created around Australia.

How to create a content marketing strategy

how to create a social media content marketing strategy that works

Whether you’re looking to generate new leads, sales or opportunities via social media, or simply want to grow your online following and community… Social media videos create a huge opportunity and are the most efficient way to do that in today’s marketing landscape. Here are five tips for creating a content video marketing strategy for your social media channels.

1. Identify your ideal customer

First things first… identify your target customer. This will help you understand what platforms you need to be on, and what type of videos you need to be creating e.g., Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Your ideal customer is your favourite type of customer. Who do you want to work with more? Start building a persona for who this person is and what their challenges are. You want to know their pain points so intimately so you can tailor a solution that they can’t ignore.

2. Brand-sync all of your social media channels

Once you have identified your ideal customer and built and few customer personas, you’ll want to go ahead and get all of your social media channels in-sync with your most current brand style-guide. Make sure your logos, bios, profile pictures and colours are all the same across the board. Think of the big brands like Coca Cola, Nike or Toyota. It doesn’t matter what channel or platform you find them on, their branding is consistent right across the board. This helps users find you faster, and build trust more efficiently.

3. Build out your content topics using answerthepublic.com

Next go to answerthepublic.com to start building out your content topics for your social media video production. Use your ideal customer profile to think of the keywords and Google searches that they may be doing. We use Answer the Public with our VidstaPack clients to build out their content subjects and ideas because it has great production value. Once you have typed in your keyword, you will get a list of questions people have asked Google about your keyword. Use this list to create video topics and answer the questions one at a time.

4. Social Real Estate - Create vertical videos

Have you heard of social real estate? This is the amount of space you can take up on somebodies smartphone. By creating a vertical online video, you are utilising the entire phone screen, which leads to better engagement from your target customer. With this in mind, note that not all social platforms prefer vertical video. It’s important for each platform you create video content that is shaped best to suit that channel’s size. With Vidsta, one of our most popular add on’s is “Social Edits $250”. This is where we take the video we created for you, and reshape it to suit each social platform. 

5. Consistency and quality over frequency

Posting consistently high-quality content at a frequency you can maintain is a lot better than creating bad content at a frequency that will burn you out. For your social campaigns, we recommend sticking to two to three high-quality pieces of content per week, at a rate you can easily maintain, and using the remainder of the week to connect, DM and like with users in your target customer realm.