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What is a Customer Testimonial Video?

You love your brand and you stand by your services, products and staff. You know what you’re doing in the marketplace is genuinely helping your customers and making their lives better. So why aren’t people immediately pulling out their credit cards and purchasing from you?

Almost always, the number one reason for that is quite simply, they do not trust you. Yet. Studies have shown that customers trust your other customers over your own brands word. More than 82% of customers make purchasing decisions after watching or reading your reviews. 

Customer testimonial videos, also known as a case study video, a customer story or people profile videos are one of the most efficient content tools at a marketing teams disposal. A strategically crafted testimonial video has the power to convert viewers into customers by letting your success stories talk on your behalf.

Customer testimonial videos dive into much more detail than a written review, and actually show off your product or service in action for potential customers to see, hear and relate to. 

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Concept Creation, Planning, Shooting & Editing

Customer Testimonial Video Projects Include

A Dedicated Creative Producer

You will be onboarded by your dedicated creative producer who will also assist you from start to finish. They will ensure you maximise your creative potential and outcomes from every project. Leave the creativity to Vidsta!

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A Pre-Production Planning Call

After you have booked your shoot in the app, you will be contacted by your dedicated producer who will help you put a production plan in place. This may include writing scripts, further developing your concept and creating a more detailed project brief for the videographers.

Our Team of Editors

We look after all editing in house in order to maintain a high-quality output. Every project receives one free round of revisions so that you can be sure to get exactly what you want out of every production. Our editors are fast, efficient and extremely creative.

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Customer Testimonial Video?

Below are examples of different testimonial videos we've created around Australia.

How to create the perfect customer testimonial video

Five Tips for creating amazing customer testimonial videos

So you have decided you’re ready to film your customers speaking on camera raving about how you helped them? That is great news as these types of videos are powerful middle-of-funnel content tools that can help you convert your viewers into customers fast. How should you get started?

1. Pick your timing when asking for a customer testimonial

The last thing you want to do is scare away brand new customers by asking them to jump in front of the lights and camera. You want to ask your customers for a testimonial when the timing is right. As a rule of thumb, you will want to have been working with your interviewee’s for at least six months or have helped them in such a significant way they’d be happy to chat about it. The longer a customer has been with your business, the more they will have to talk about.

2. Wait until they've given you positive feedback

Tip number two ties in with tip number one and stays on the topic of timing. You will want to ask only the customers that have given you positive feedback. Do not send a mass email out to your entire database. This is your opportunity to hand pick your raving fans. At Vidsta, we say to pick the clients that give you the most word of mouth referrals, as they are clearly already so good at talking about your company and are in love with your products, services, people and results.

3. Write down how you helped them, and strategically craft your questions with that in mind

Start to think about how you have had an impact on these people. Write down all of the ways you believe you’ve helped them. This will form the basis of how and why you’ll ask each question. Another super important thing to consider is attracting people just like these customers. So having a sound understanding of their customer journey is key to creating testimonial videos that convert. Work out who your ideal customer is and strategically have your testimonial talk to the points that will attract people just like them.

4. Send the questions ahead of time, but ask for no scripts

Once you have picked your customers and listed your questions, be sure to send the questions ahead of time. 2-4 days before the interview is adequate. We don’t want your clients scripting their responses as often this will take away from the authenticity of the video. Scripts often turn interviewee’s into robots. Dot points are great, as they will jog their memory throughout the interview as the lights and camera can cause people to get nervous and forget everything. 

We recommend sending your request for a testimonial by email and include the questions you will ask with a reason why they’d be perfect to interview. Follow up with an SMS as texts often receive more than triple the open rate of an email.

5. Make more than one customer testimonial video

If you’re a business with multiple services, products and offerings, ideally you’ll want a testimonial for each individual piece. This is because when potential prospects do their research, they’re craving content and they’re looking for the right solution to their problem. The more they’re able to consume from your brand, the higher the likelihood of an enquiry or sale.

With any type of content, the best way to win in today’s fast moving world is by creating and posting consistently high-quality content.